Excellent post by Thomas Fox on the role of Human Resources in compliance and ethics programs.

“One of the key company lynch-pins in any FCPA compliance and ethics program is Human Resources. Most HR professional do not think of themselves as on the front lines for FCPA compliance and ethics. However the HR function is plays a key role in “connecting the dots” for FCPA ethics and compliance. What policy does a company take to punish those employees who may engage in unethical and non-compliant behavior in order to meet company revenue targets versus what rewards are handed out to those employees who integrate such ethical and compliant behavior into their individual work practices going forward? One of the very important functions of HR is assisting management in setting the criteria for employee bonuses and assisting management in the evaluation of employees for the bonuses. This is an equally important role in getting out a company’s message of adherence to a FCPA compliance and ethics policy”.

For more insights, see the full post here

For those who dont know what FCPA is : it’s the

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

covering anti-bribery.

What should HR do to ensure FCPA compliance? How does HR support instilling an ethics culture in the business ? More in the Autumn, with the publication of my book.

By the way, I am thinking of calling it:

CSR and HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices.

Unless you have any better suggestions!

Debbie Carter